Agents of Spatial Influence

Humans are implicitly affected by spatial arrangements. From the round table leading us to egalitarian discussions to room partitions that attempt to isolate us as we try to get work done, the ways interiors are arranged, divided, instrumented, and outfitted affects the way we interact in the space. Machines in our environment, meanwhile, interact with us using explicit gestures rather than implicit means. They affect our behavior and perception by using human-like metaphors to communicate with us, giving us an impression of recognition, disagreement, or understanding.

Ray_DesignReflection03 [discussion of conversion to electronic dissemination]

Ray_DesignMethodology [methodological diagnostic with prototyped interactions]

Ray_DesignReflection02 [discussion of form, key questions, and exhibition layout]

Ray_DesignReflection01 [process both autobiographically and journey to project]

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